Big Brother: housemates tackle task

The Big Brother housemates have been getting to grips with deportment and ballroom dancing as part of their Finishing Academy task.

On Monday evening their walking skills were put to the test, as they had to learn the old-fashioned art of strolling with books balanced on their heads.

After being given time to practice, they were required to complete an obstacle course while balancing the books. And just to add to the fun they also had to carry a gin and tonic without spilling it.

In order to pass this section of the task they were not allowed to drop their books more than six times.

However, the housemates did a grand job – with only one person, Carole, dropping their book.

“What a pleasant task,” Liam said afterwards.

“I was rather nervous about that one,” admitted Ziggy.

Later on the housemates were tested on their social etiquette over a cup of tea in the Diary Room.

They will also have to brush up on their dinner etiquette prior to the Big Brother Ball at the end of the task.

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