Big Brother: Housemates talk romance

Liam and Tracey have discussed the romantic exploits of fellow Big Brother housemate Brian, who declared his love for Amanda earlier in the week.

The tree surgeon – who has become very friendly with Brian – said he hoped that the 20-year-old was able to ‘keep it cool’ on the relationship front.

“He will,” Tracey assured him. “He knows what the score is with Amanda.

She likes him for who he is – not some arrogant lad, or ‘owt like that,” she added.

And the pair agreed that Brian was a good person to have around.

“Since day one, I’ve never been able to say a bad word about him,” said Liam. “He’s a mint lad.”

“I can’t either,” Tracey told him. “I can’t do that.”

Liam’s own romantic shenanigans haven’t been quite so smooth, however. Glamour model Amy – with whom he shared some sneaky snogs in the house – seemingly took offence to some playful verbal banter on Thursday night.

“You’re always horrible to me,” she told him later on.

“Nah,” Liam said, “you got carried away because you’d had a few drinks.”

Amy denied this saying the 23-year-old had become “confuddled” by the situation, but he laughed this suggestion off. “I was sober and you were excitable,” he said.

“What’s wrong with that?” snapped Amy. “It’s funnier than being boring and normal.”

Oh dear, we sense a tiff…

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