Big Brother housemates will live on porridge

The Big Brother contestants are in for a shock – they will spend their first days living in one room with only cold porridge to eat.

Bosses wanted to freshen up the Channel 4 reality show for its 10th anniversary series, so the eight men and eight women will walk into the house on Thursday to find wooden crates and old metal oil drums instead of designer sofas.

The 16 housemates will be given a series of tasks to earn the right to become full housemates, with the failures being thrown out on Sunday.

They’ll spend the first few days sleeping on the living room floor and will have no access to a kitchen or bathroom.

Big Brother will give them cold porridge to eat and if they want to wash, they’ll have to fill a bathtub in the garden from a cold tap.

Sharon Power, one of the show’s executive producers, said: “After 10 years we are trying to come up with ways of surprising viewers and housemates.

“They (the would-be housemates) will arrive in a car and walk through the crowd as normal and go into the house.

“The first time they will realise something is up is when they walk in and find one room and a garden.”

Once the hopefuls have completed their tasks and become official housemates, they will be given access to the rest of the house.

The youngest person is 18 and the oldest 40, and Big Brother chiefs have promised the ‘most diverse and cosmopolitan’ group ever.

There will be a mix of straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual housemates and Big Brother will enforce a ban on fake romances.

Davina will host Big Brother’s live launch show on Thursday, June 4 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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