Big Brother: I didn’t fancy Liam, says Amy

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Amy has admitted that she had no great liking for Liam before she went into the house.

“The only time I saw him was in that bondage costume doing the Seven Deadly Sins task, and I just didn’t fancy him,” the glamour model said during her eviction interview.

And Amy – who was booed as she left, and who admitted to watching very little of the show before going into the house – added that the tree surgeon was “not her type”.

“What happened was the girls grabbed me when I went into the house, and took me outside to where Liam and Brian were sitting, and we just never moved,” she explained.

“We all just got on so well that I was kind of comfy with them. And despite my front I’m not the most confident girl in the world so that was my little safe zone.”

She went on to say that Liam “constantly blew hot and cold. I think if he hadn’t had so much pressure put on him from the other housemates he would have been different with me.

“But we both said if anything happened it would be just a bit of fun. I don’t regret it because I never took it too seriously.”

See images from Amy’s eviction night in our photo gallery.

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