Big Brother: I want out, says Ziggy

Ziggy has confessed to Chanelle that he wants to leave the Big Brother house – and may even walk out over the weekend.

The former pop star confided in his in-house love interest in the early hours of Saturday morning, as the others celebrated Liam’s birthday. “I speak to you in confidence – I’m going to leave tomorrow,” he told her in the bedroom.

Chanelle was shocked but Ziggy explained. “I’m really not happy here babe. You make me very very happy but I’m not happy here. I don’t want to be seen on camera with an unhappy face.”

“I’m not looking for any sympathy,” he concluded, “but I’m hugely homesick.”

After a lengthy silence, Chanelle suggested that he should wait to be

nominated for eviction – but Ziggy was not keen.

“I’ll have to turn around to people and say ‘nominate me’ and I don’t really want people to do that.”

He also revealed he had had enough of the mind games and arguments in the house.

“I can’t be doing with any more of these people,” he said somewhat cryptically. “I haven’t physically or mentally got the energy for it.”

As of Saturday afternoon however Ziggy was still very much a part of the house.

It’s not the first time he has threatened to leave. Earlier in the series he came close to walking out after Charley branded him a “pervert” for romancing Chanelle, who at 19 is seven years his junior.

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