Big Brother: I’ll marry Isaac, says Noirin

Big Brother 10’s latest evictee Noirin Kelly has said she would “jump at the chance” of marrying her ex-boyfriend turned housemate Isaac Stout.

American-born Isaac entered the house on Wednesday night but left on Friday just an hour after the Irish 25-year-old had been booted out.

However the Sunday Mirror now reports that the pair now plan to live in the US together.

“Apparently he was meant to ask me to marry him before I kissed Siavash,” Noirin said.

“I love Isaac – I love him to bits. Yes, of course I will marry him, he’s just the best thing ever.”

“I will be more than happy to move to the US for him. I want to be married and have babies with Isaac.”

Noirin caused controversy in the house after flirting with Marcus and enjoying a brief fling with Siavash, only to cast him aside when Isaac entered the house.

However he has said he is not bothered by her behaviour.

“Apparently this is such an enormous deal,” he said, “I don’t really understand why. Noirin was a single woman, she’s 25 years old and she kissed a boy – oh my God, call the newspaper!”

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