Big Brother: Is Bri-Manda off on holiday?

Big Brother runner-up Amanda Marchant has already agreed to go on a date with winner Brian – now it seems they are planning to go on holiday together.

The 19-year-old blonde twin told the Daily Star: “Now the show is over we are free to do what we want. He’s asked me on a date and I have said yes. We will see what happens.

“And it would be good to get away abroad somewhere. But I’ve never been abroad so I don’t know where to go. He’s a great kisser and I love him loads. I want us to be together,” she added.

The duo shared a kiss in the caravan of love but they decided to remain just friends after Amanda admitted she started ‘panicking’.

“I was asking myself, ‘Should I have let that happen?’ I got in a bit of a state. I didn’t know what I was getting into and I didn’t want to hurt him either.”

But Amanda said her feelings had changed after she watched footage of him talking about her in the house.

“I have seen all the things he said about me in the Diary Room about me being the most beautiful girl and all that stuff about angels and harps.

“It’s dead cute. That’s the nicest thing a boy has said to me ever!”

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