Big Brother: Is Davina Charley’s biggest fan?

Big Brother host Davina McCall has reportedly been urging fans to keep housemate Charley Uchea in the house ‘because she’s entertaining’.

The bubbly presenter, who has fronted the show since the first series, tried to silence the chants against the Londoner at the latest eviction show.

Crowd-goer James Adams, 28, told the Daily Star: “Davina came on stage and said to the crowds ‘Let’s change the chant to Keep Charley in’.

“Then she said ‘keep her in because she’s entertaining’. We had all been chanting ‘Get Charley Out’ every time her name was mentioned so we were a bit shocked.

“Some of the crowd changed tactics and did what she asked and others didn’t.

“Then it became a battle of the boos and Davina laughed ‘I like that’. When the show went live everyone started chanting ‘Get Charley Out’ once again.

“And the next time Davina came on stage she was a bit more stern and said she didn’t want to hear ‘Get Charley Out’ chants any more.

“She said ‘Charley’s not up for eviction this week and if you keep chanting her name you will be giving her the attention she wants’.

James also said that it was like being back at school with Davina as headmistress telling everyone off.

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