Big Brother: It’s a hard task to swallow!

Big Brother‘s Halfway Housemates have been taking part in a bizarre eating challenge to try and win the main housemates their shopping budget.

The four were called to the Diary Room on Thursday afternoon and each given a luxury food item to eat.

They were told they each had to finish whatever they had been given in order to earn the housemates in the main house £100 worth of shopping.

If they fail to finish the food, they will not win anything towards the shopping budget.

And unbeknown to them, the main house was given the chance to view the entire task on the plasma screen – and shouted encouragement as the foursome got stuck in.

David’s ‘meal’ consisted of luncheon meat ‘tartare’ (luncheon meat mixed with jam), while Shanessa’s was half a pint of mayonnaise.

Tracey, meanwhile, was faced with a glass of olive oil garnished with a strawberry, while Kara-Louise tucked into a gammon and French Fancy kebab on a bed of prawn cocktail.

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