Big Brother: It’s heaven and hell!

The Big Brother house has been divided in two following the election of Darnell as head of house – for some it’s heavenly, but for others it’s hell.

The songwriter beat fellow candidates Dale and Luke to the position following a weekend of ‘campaigning’ and votes cast by fellow housemates. Darnell received nine votes, Dale three, and Luke just two.

On Sunday afternoon, however, the housemates were informed that the house was being divided into two parts – a heavenly side and a hellish one – and Darnell’s first task as head of house was to pick six other housemates to live in ‘heaven’ with him.

Belinda was first to react. “I said you’d have to make some nasty choices,” she began.

“Oh this is not a nasty choice,” Darnell told her. “This is straightforward,” before choosing Dale, Rex, Maysoon, Mohamed, Kathreya and Rachel to join him in heaven.

The housemates living in heaven will now have exclusive access to the luxury bedroom and bathroom, and they will be the only ones permitted to reap the benefits of Big Brother’s tokens.

They can also enjoy a new Diary Room and a separate smoking area with proper chairs.

The housemates in hell – namely Belinda, Sara, Stuart, Lisa, Rebecca, Mikey and Luke – will only have access to the outdoor showers and the basic bedroom, and will have to prepare all the meals and drinks for everybody in the house.

Darnell admitted later he knew straight away who he was going to choose.

“It was a no-brainer,” he told his fellow heavenly housemates.

“We’ve slept in that room from Day One. In our reality, we prefer sleeping in B-block. But then I was like, you know what? We’re gonna come in here and it’s gonna be putting them out, so that’s gonna be funny.”

“Second, we’re gonna get rewarded with little treats and stuff. It’s only one week – just have fun with it.”