Big Brother housemates Noirin and Marcus will go head-to-head this week after receiving the most nominations for eviction.

The pair – who have gone from flirting to arguing to not speaking to each other in the house over the last seven weeks – each received five nominations, but Irish beauty Noirin is the bookmakers’ favourite to get the boot with odds of 4/6.

Noirin – who has now started kissing and canoodling with Siavash but said ‘I fancy him, but I don’t want more than that’ – was nominated by Charlie, David, Lisa and Rodrigo.

Marcus also nominated her, saying: “She’s just not very nice and that’s not to do with her and Siavash.”

Marcus was nominated by David, Dogface, Hira, Rodrigo and Noirin, who said: “He probably wasn’t my friend.”

Lisa narrowly escaped nomination with four votes, from Bea, Halfwit, Noirin and Siavash.

The odds of Marcus being evicted on Friday stand at 11/10.

Ladbrokes spokesman, Nick Weinberg, said: “It’s taken a number of weeks but finally we’ve got a genuine eviction contest.

“Noirin’s relationships with Sree, Marcus and Siavash have alienated punters and she’s the early favourite to go.”