Big Brother: I’ve had fun, says Ziggy

Ziggy has told his Big Brother love interest Chanelle that he has enjoyed their time together in the house.

“You’re a nuts girl, but you’re lovely,” he said during a conversation in the garden on Wednesday afternoon.

“We do have distances between us, but let’s see what happens. It doesn’t have to be all that serious, let’s enjoy it and see what happens.”

The pair have had a rocky few days, due to Chanelle being unwell, as well as falling out over petty issues in the house.

They came to blows earlier this week when Ziggy refused to help Chanelle move her bed. As a result, she told him she would be sleeping in the bed alone and he would have to share with someone else.

However, the couple are facing the prospect of being parted on Friday, if Chanelle is voted out of the house by the public and Ziggy has said he is determined to make the most of their remaining time together.

“I want to enjoy these last few days with you,” he told Chanelle, “but hopefully we’ll have lots more to enjoy in here.”

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