Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Jale faced the public vote on Friday, July 11 – and customer service adviser Jale Karaturp became the fifth housemate to be shown the door.

“She’s been on the ropes for weeks but tonight you dealt her that knock-out blow,” Big Brother host Emma Willis told viewers.

“You survived eviction every week,” Emma said to Jale, 33, in the post-eviction interview. “Why do you think this was your week?”

“I’ve been a bit miserable,” Jale said. “I can be a bit moody and grumpy. I didn’t have a great week.”

“Let’s go back to your first couple of weeks in the house,” said Emma. “It looked like you were having a pretty horrible time. What we saw, it looked tough, it looked like everyone was against you. How was it for you in there? And how did you get through it? I think I’d have walked if I’d have been you.”

“To be honest with you, I think it’s weird,” Jale answered. “These kind of situations, I kind of…not thrive on it, but it’s like a challenge for me. I always said if anything happens to me I’m not going to give up. I will use my stubbornness and keep going.

“Basically, I’d had these situations quite a lot before, so I try to keep an open mind and get on with, really.”

“Pauline gave you that killer nomination and talked about your VT ,” Emma said to Jale. “Did you feel that everyone went on her word, without really getting to know you?”

“Yes. It was almost like that person’s word counted for the whole voice of the house,” Jale admitted. “People who might have given me a chance before wouldn’t now. She might as well have been Big Brother. She had a lot of sway over the house and, quite frankly, I kind of got to the point where I thought, ‘I’m not going to keep selling myself to people’. I didn’t feel I needed to do that.

“Thankfully for you, she left and that seemed to be the turn around,” Emma continued. “Lots of people said that they felt they’d misjudged you and one of those people obviously was Helen, who you’d had a pretty horrible time with for two weeks. Why did you allow her to become friends with you?”

“Because I recognised myself in her,” said Jale. “It would have been like turning my back on myself if I didn’t give her a chance.”

“We have to talk about Steven and Kimberley,” Emma said. “We’ve just witnessed something – not for the first time in the Big Brother house… They’ve been having happy times under the covers, How would you describe their relationship?”

Jale looks shocked and replied: “She’s very guarded. He’s more outgoing. Emotionally they’re very different people. But I can see why they get on. I think everyone’s awkward with it.

“I know he really likes her and she really likes him. But I don’t know if they’ll last.”

“Any regrets?” Emma asked Jale.

“No. I had a brilliant time,” she replied.

Big Brother, Channel 5, Saturday, July 12, 9.00pm.