Big Brother: Jelly row escalates

Carole and Gerry have come to blows in the Big Brother house over a food fight in which jelly and milk was spilt.

The 53-year-old took Gerry to task on the topic after she discovered the items had been spilt on the floor by the fridge on Friday morning, and ordered him to come out to the garden.

The Greek gallery researcher blamed the girls for the mess, saying that they had thrown water on him when he went to open the fridge door, and the jelly had been knocked out as a result

“I’ll take the responsibility because I opened the door of the fridge,” he insisted, saying he would make a fresh batch.

However Carole was having none of it, pointing out that she had made the jelly for Charley and Nicky’s eviction night and the surprise was now ruined.

She also complained about her sleep being disturbed by Gerry and the others going to bed late. “I’ve been up and down since then,” she whined.

“You are a grown bloody man, Gerry…you are running around the garden with teenagers in the night. They shouldn’t be out there in the middle of the night throwing water around.”

“You have no consideration for anybody and ‘I’ll sort it out’ isn’t good enough.”

The row continued for some time – much to the amazement of the housemates still in bed – and left Gerry to ponder Carole’s involvement in the house.

“It’s very strange,” he said to Sam some time later. “There’s a 53-year-old woman surrounded by 20-year-old girls.”

“She knew what she was getting into,” Sam reasoned.

“I don’t think any of us knew what we were getting into,” Gerry pointed out. “Maybe she over-estimated herself.”

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