Big Brother Jennifer’s estranged husband has told of his heartbreak at seeing his wife cosying up to fellow housemate Dale on the show.

After watching Jen and Dale kiss for the first time on Tuesday, David told The Sun: “I never thought Jen would do anything with Dale but when I saw her kiss him it broke my heart.

“I feel so betrayed and I can’t believe she would do this to me. I haven’t looked at another woman while she’s been in the house. It is torture to watch the show but I can’t stop in case I miss anything.”

Jen recently left the home she shared with David and their daughter Maddiline, two, to go on the reality show.

And he’s annoyed that Jen has been getting close to both Dale and new boy Stuart by claiming she is a single mother going through a divorce.

David, from Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, added: “I am angry about the way she has portrayed herself in the house. It hurts me for her to say she is a single mum.

“We did separate in March but in April we got back together. I don’t deny things have been rocky but to say she is a single mum going through a divorce is ridiculous.”

David also blasted Jen for lying to Big Brother bosses by claiming she was a model just to get on the show.

He went on: “Her whole persona is a sham. She isn’t even a model. She did sign up with a modelling agency but she didn’t even do a portfolio.

“She only did it so she could tell Big Brother producers she was a model.”

But David is hoping to reconcile with his wife when she leaves the house. He said: “She is still my wife and I hope we can patch things up when she leaves the show.”