Big Brother: John and Josie make up after row

Big Brother housemates John James and Josie have resolved their differences after cross words were exchanged during a heated row.

John on Sunday night announced he had a headache and was feeling “cranky” after being constantly disturbed by the wake-up alarm.

But his mood worsened when Josie and Govan began teasing the Aussie housemate claiming he had bad breath and continued to mock him.

Their comments led to a riled John “venting his anger” at Josie, who retorted that he was just looking for someone to argue with following Rachael’s eviction.

After going to the Diary Room to obtain some medication, he said: “Josie, why are you acting like this? You’re supposed to be my friend. I told you I had a headache why did you not get the point.”

Josie retorted she would not be reduced to tears.

John James began crying in the aftermath of the row and was comforted by Corin and Mario as he went to the bedroom to start to pack his bags.

He said: “I didn’t even do anything, I just sat there and just copped it.”

The pair later sat on the bed together talking through the episode. Josie kissed John’s head as he shed a few tears, then she said: “Stop being stupid, don’t do this… it makes me feel really guilty now.”

Earlier in the day, housemates failed their Humpty Dumpty themed endurance task after breaking too many rules as one team pelted the other with eggs.

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