Big Brother: Jonathan quits!

Jonathan has left the Big Brother house to be with his family, after being told that his grandmother had died.

The 49-year-old was given the news by Big Brother on Monday night, and left shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning, having been in the house for just over a fortnight.

Last week he had announced to the housemates he wanted to leave, but changed his mind the following day.

Before leaving, he found time for a walk in the garden with Brian.

“We’ve only known each other two and a half weeks, and that was with a week of misunderstandings,” he told the 19-year-old.

“But this is the nature of this amazing experience here. You get to know people fast when you live with them, sleep with them, talk to them and argue with them, and eat slop for two days with them.”

“I’m very pleased,” Jonathan said, “it’s been a blast mate.”

He then broke the news to the others before exiting the house through the Diary Room.

Afterwards, the housemates were left shocked by his sudden departure. “It’ll be mental waking up to him not being here,” said Liam. “He was one of the biggest parts of this.”

You can see Jonathan’s departure in our photo gallery

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