Big Brother: Jonathan stays put

Big Brother‘s millionaire housemate Jonathan has changed his mind about leaving the house, after telling the others he would quit on Thursday.

The 49-year-old spent much of the morning in quiet contemplation in the Big Brother garden, while a chat with Ziggy – who also said on Wednesday he wanted to leave helped to cement his decision.

“Can you really walk away from this?” he said. “When you wake up it’s slightly different. I’m going to give it an hour, wake up properly and have a sense of perspective.”

“I still think it’s the right thing to go, just not 100 per cent.”

Later on, following a chat with Big Brother, Jonathan told the others that he would be sticking around after all.

“I feel reassured now,” he said.

Meanwhile, there is no word on whether Ziggy – who told Big Brother he wanted to leave earlier on Thursday following an argument with Charley – still plans to walk out of the house.

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