Big Brother: Jonty and Carole out first

Jonty and Carole have become the first pair to be evicted from the Big Brother house on the final night of the series.

Eccentric Jonty – who entered the show midway through the series as one of the Halfway Housemates – finished sixth, while Carole finished in fifth place.

Upon being told the news, the pair exited the house to a rapturous reception.

Apart from the twins, Carole was the only remaining housemate who had been in the Big Brother house since the opening night of the series 94 days ago.

The latest eviction means that Ziggy, Liam, Sam and Amanda and Brian have finished in the final four. The twins are the hot favourites to win.

“I thought I was going to last a week,” an amazed Jonty told Davina McCall in his interview, “so actually I’ve been here five times longer than I thought.”

The 36-year-old, who was accompanied during his eviction interview by his cuddly pal Monkety Tonkety, said he had had “an absolutely brilliant time” in the house. “I was a lot more accepted in the house than I thought I would be.”

Carole also said she was surprised to have made it all the way to the final. “I think I told my daughter to look after the snail for a week. I just didn’t ever imagine I’d been here.”

The 53-year-old also admitted that it was sheer boredom which had led her to become so obsessive over cleaning in the house. “That’s what you do when you have nothing else to do,” she said.

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