Big Brother: Jonty’s un-‘bear’-able

Big Brother‘s ‘halfway housemates’ are being driven to distraction by museum worker Jonty and his fondness for teddy bears.

The other four newcomers were left bemused by the 36-year-old after he introduced them to some of his favourite cuddly toys that had accompanied him into the house.

“He does go on about his teddies a bit, do you know what I mean?” said Shanessa. “I’ve got my teddy with me, but I wouldn’t really go overboard.”

“Could you imagine, like, going clubbing with them, or to a restaurant?”

The museum worker also revealed an unwelcome love of practical jokes after he had a little too much to drink on Friday night and proceeded to ‘sabotage’ the potatoes left for the new arrivals in the halfway house.

“Why are there all slits and holes in them?” Amy demanded when she saw what he had done to them.

“I think the idea was to make them into jacket potatoes!” he joked.

Jonty – who entered the house in pyjamas and quilted dressing gown – is one of three remaining halfway housemates who has yet to spend time with the others in the main house.

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