Big Brother: Just good mates?

Big Brother twin Amanda has dropped a bombshell by telling fellow housemate Brian that she only wants to be friends with him.

Hopes of a romance were raised the previous week after the pair enjoyed a sneaky snog in the Big Brother caravan – however she dashed his hopes in the early hours of Saturday morning by revealing her true feelings.

“We’re good friends and stuff,” she said to him as the pair lay side by side in the bedroom. “Imagine if we go out here and it was all wrong.”

“That’s all right,” Brian told her, “the main thing is, when we leave the house we’ll still be friends no matter what.”

“If nothing happens in the outside world then so be it. But I would still enjoy what’s happened in itself.”

And then Amanda delivered the shock statement. “I prefer to stay as mates and stuff,” she said.

An increasingly desperate Brian asked if Amanda fancied him.

“I think you’re a good looking guy and dead sweet, but it just seems weird,” she responded.

The 20-year-old was not happy. “I’m pouring out my whole heart here and you’re laughing in my face. You tore it out and stomped on it.”

He then unconvincingly told her he was “joking”, before retreating to the garden and trying to hold back the tears.

Could this be the end of another great Big Brother romance?

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