Kathreya has been given the boot from the Big Brother house in the second surprise midweek eviction on Tuesday night.

There was shock among the housemates when Davina revealed that the Thai massage therapist had been evicted – while Kat herself burst into tears at the news.

Earlier in the evening both she and Rachel had been visibly upset by Mohamed‘s sudden departure – and Kat was on edge when Davina spoke to the house once again.

“Don’t take any more of my friends away,” she shouted, “Enough Big Brother, enough!”

Rachel reassured the 30-year-old as she sobbed uncontrollably at news of her own eviction. “You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine,” she told her, “we’ll be back together in three days.”

And Kat – who was once favourite to win the series – exited to a less than favourable response, with the boos from the crowd drowning out the cheers.

However she regained her composure – and changed out of the dressing gown she was still wearing when she left – in time for her interview, in which she told Davina she was happy to have left.”

“I’m extremely happy actually,” she said, “I think I’m like Marmite – you can love me or you can hate me. I might be a little bit annoying and a little bit too happy but I think better to be happy than be miserable.”

“It’s been hard but I’m happy to have left before Friday, and I’ve been accepted by the British public.”

“The group said that all the time that I would win and I appreciate it but when it is someone you love you think they’re going to win.”

And she had some fond words for her fellow housemates, describing Mo as a “supportive friend”, and Rex as her “English brother” – and she even had some kind words for Darnell despite their argument.

“I believe that when you love someone you can say something you don’t mean,” she told Davina. “I’m definitely friends with him. He’s going to sing ‘Cookie Love’!”

Viewers are now voting for who they want to win the show, with five housemates – Mikey, Sara, Rex, Darnell and Rachel – set to battle it out in Friday’s final.