Big Brother: Keep Charley in, says Emily Parr

Ousted Big Brother contestant Emily Parr has pleaded with fans of the show to keep Charley in the house.

The student from Bristol wrote in the Daily Star that “losing Charley would be a disaster for the show”.

The blonde, who was kicked out of the Big Brother house for saying a racially offensive word, went on: “It’s true that people hate her right now. But the tide is turning and people will soon love to hate her.

“I bet if she manages to survive this week, then she could well go on to win it… it could really happen.”

Mouthy Charley is up against raver Tracey to be evicted on Friday night, but the self-proclaimed It Girl is the bookies’ favourite to go.

But Emily insisted: “Yes, she’s a bitch compared to Tracey.

“But without a doubt, Charley is the Queen Bee in that house. Behind the bitchy ego and big mouth there’s actually a really vulnerable person.

“Trust me, I’ve been in there with her and I saw some of it.”

Emily also admitted that she “would certainly have flirted” with Liam if they had been in the house at the same time.

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