Big Brother: Ladies’ fight!

Big Brother allowed the Halfway Housemates to visit the main house for a few hours on Thursday evening – but it wasn’t all fun and games.

Shanessa was determined to find out why fellow Halfway Housemates Amy and Jonty had voted her and the others back into the Halfway House on Wednesday – and she was particularly displeased with Amy.

So much so that during her time in the house she ignored the glamour model, instead choosing to ask Jonty about his decision.

“Why would you vote for people you live with?” she asked the museum worker. “We should all stick together.”

David, meanwhile, tackled the issue with Amy. “You could have chosen two and two,” he told her. “But what’s done is done.”

But this only served to upset Amy. “Why am I the one in the wrong?” she sobbed. “It was a group decision. What did you think, that I just thought ‘wicked, let’s get rid of them’?”

She was comforted by the twins, but Shanessa put the boot in further by refusing to speak to her for an hour.

It was only later on in the bedroom that she apologised for her behaviour – after Amy brought her a piece of cake by way of an apology.

Within 20 minutes of being in here I was in tears, and you’re the one person I’ve cried over, so much,” Amy told her.

“I’ve been in the Diary Room telling them how gutted I feel for you. I feel gutted for everyone, but for you more than anyone. I even said to Jonty, if there was a choice and I’d kept someone there and walked myself, it was you I would have kept.”

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