Big Brother Latest: Chanelle stays!

Hours after packing her bags and telling housemates she was quitting, Chanelle has performed a dramatic U-turn and decided NOT to quit Big Brother.

Earlier, she had dressed up in her best clothes and packed her bags, before informing her shocked housemates that she was leaving the house.

Gerry and the twins tried to dissuade her from walking out the door, but Chanelle insisted she was off and said her final goodbyes. She then had an emotional heart-to-heart with Ziggy in the caravan and went back to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother she was leaving.

But despite strong hints from the official Channel 4 website that she had quit, and numerous reports around the country, Chanelle had a change of heart in the Diary Room and emerged at around 6pm to tell her housemates that she was, in fact, staying.

“No, I’m not going,” she told bewildered housemates. “I’m going to review it on Tuesday and decide then.”

“Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday,” chanted Gerry, glad that she had decided not to quit.

So reports of Chanelle’s exit have proved wide of the mark – again. As long-term fans of her neverending on-off relationship with Ziggy will know, she doesn’t always stick to Plan A…

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