Big Brother: Laura ‘glad to go’

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Laura has said she was ‘glad’ to leave the house when she did.

During her eviction interview with Davina McCall, she admitted she had not been happy – but had kept it a secret from the others.

“I’m not one to express my emotions,” she said, “I didn’t want to bring everyone down so I thought I’d just plod along until everyone nominated me and they did, so thanks.”

The 23-year-old – who left the house in her trademark leopard-print dressing gown, to a mixed response of boos and cheers from the crowd – added that she had been trying to think of ways in which she might make herself unpopular.

“I thought the best way of getting out of here is cutting up people’s clothes, but I thought ‘I can’t do that, I’ll go to prison or something’,” she said. “So I thought what could I do?”

However, when pushed by Davina to elaborate, Laura would only admit she had “sort of” tried to get herself nominated.

She was more forthcoming when quizzed about her fellow housemates – describing Carole as “obsessive”, and making her views on Ziggy and Chanelle very clear.

“Is it real? Let’s see…no!” she said when asked about their romance. “He’s promised her something outside, and I was like ‘please, be real’. She was in a dream world.”

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