Big Brother: Laura set to go?

Laura is still the hot favourite to become the latest evictee from the Big Brother house on Friday.

The Welsh housemate’s is now 1-25, according to bookmakers Paddy Power, to get the chop, while fellow nominee Chanelle has far longer odds of 9-1.

Both housemates are facing possible eviction for the first time, after receiving five nominations each from the others.

Laura – who started the series as one of the favourites to win – is now the outsider at 100-1, making her even less strongly fancies as series chamption than Charley and Nicky.

Liam remains the favourite to win at 11-4, followed by Amanda at 3-1. Brian is the next favourite at 10-3 while Gerry is 8-1.

Meanwhile, Tracey and Nicky have been discussing the forthcoming eviction. In a conversation on Friday morning Nicky said she felt Laura would cope better with the crowd reaction.

“Chanelle is strong but Laura’s stronger, she’s more with it,” she said. “She’ll be able to handle the crowd – but of course it depends on how she has been perceived.”

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