Big Brother lets housemates talk nominations

Big Brother broke it’s own rules at the weekend – by allowing housemates to discuss nominations and auditions.

On Sunday afternoon, Big Brother turned the ‘heavenly’ jail into a nominations pod and housemates who visited it were only permitted to talk about their voting plans.

Housemates were warned that they would be punished should they speak about anything but nominations while in the pod – but housemates not in the pod were still forbidden from talking about nominations.

Once inside the pod, Mohamed and Rex didn’t hold back in discussing what they thought of Dale.

Mo moaned: “I can tell Dale still has grudges against me for things that happened in the past,” moaned Mo.

“I want him to go for complaining about Kat’s singing,” said Rex.

Rex soon revealed a softer side, saying: “Darnell’s become so strong by being in here,” he said. “That’s why I wouldn’t want to put him up for nomination.”

But he was back bitching again when he said of Luke: “He’s half a person. Bex and Luke were a double act. Luke was rude and Bex would jump on it and make it funny. On his own, he’s just rude.”

The revelations continued well into the evening as Big Brother locked the heavenly housemates in the living area and made them watch the audition tapes of the housemates from hell.

Rex and Stuart were very unimpressed with Rachel’s video in which she claimed: “I’ve got this chatty, happy, enthusiastic personality.”

“That is nothing like Rachel,” said Stuart firmly. “It was like Bex!”

“Oh my God!” gasped Rex, who has already questioned Bex about her personality. “That is just not real. She’s lying to Kat, saying she’s always like this.”

Rex later slammed Rachel in front of the other housemates, once again accusing her of putting on an act.

He raged: “You are sharp as a razor. You are proper loud, proper in your face. You’ve got to putting on a very good act in that audition. I wish I could swap you with that person in the video.”

In other Big Brother news, it’s been reported that Zezi Ifore has been dumped as host of Big Brother’s Little Brother after proving unpopular with viewers.

The Sun reports that Zezi’s role has been ‘reduced’ with the 23-year-old now only recording segments for the show and appearing in the studio alongside George Lamb on Sundays.