Big Brother: Let’s make a deal

The Big Brother housemates won themselves a few more party goodies on Thursday night – by agreeing to swap some of their precious food for booze.

On Thursday they were given a basic party consisting of one cup cake, one can of shandy and one song – which was upgraded to include one bottle of champagne and six Scotch eggs after the group rated and slated each other in a task.

However, the twins, Liam and Brian decided this just wasn’t enough for a party, and appealed to Big Brother for more alcohol during the evening.

“Can we have another song?” begged Brian, even suggesting that they could play the one they had already played – Stefan Dennis’ 80s hit Don’t It Make You Feel Good.

Liam chipped in by pointing out they already had loads of party food from this week’s luxury shopping budget – and Big Brother offered them a deal.

“If you bring Big Brother three boxes of cornflakes,” they were told, “Big Brother will reward you with one bottle of wine and one song.”

Brian responded enthusiastically but Amanda wasn’t so keen. “Is that all we’re gonna have all night?” And negotiations were underway…

“I will make you a deal,” said Liam. “We’ll give you one box of cornflakes, one bag of variety crisps…” but he was refused.

“Liam, do you not know about negotiations?” sighed Brian. “Big Brother, we’ll give you the three boxes of cereal but we want at least some cider, we’ll have the wine and two songs.”

Eventually a deal was reached – with the housemates agreeing to swap the cereal, one packet of custard powder and four pints of milk in exchange for the wine, two cans of cider and another song.

Brian was thrilled but Liam wasn’t so impressed. “That’s barely the worst deal I ever heard,” he pointed out.

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