Big Brother: Liam feels Charley’s wrath

While the Big Brother housemates partied into the night, Charley returned to her old argumentative ways just four days after her fake eviction.

The 22-year-old – who had promised to be different after seeing footage of her time in the house during her eviction interview – ranted at Liam after over-indulging in booze provided by Big Brother.

“I think you’re a backstabber,” she drunkenly told him – referring to the fact that he had nominated her for eviction last week – before telling the others, “Liam hates me.”

Liam jokingly played along with her at first. “I think you look like a drunk,” he joked. But Charley was in no mood to laugh.

“If I never went last week you wouldn’t have known that I knew that you did,” she said, making little sense.

“You didn’t know I was going. Anyway, it’s out of order Liam. I made you welcome when you came in. And I liked you. As a friend. If you liked me you wouldn’t care if I threw tantrums.”

But Liam had had enough by this point. “We’re not talking about this because you’re drunk,” he said, walking off.

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