Big Brother: Liam loves Amy?

Sparks have continued to fly in the Big Brother house between Liam and Amy, with the pair sharing a snog despite refusing to admit they like each other.

After much flirtation between the two on Thursday, they stayed up chatting for a long time, making their true feelings known – and the pair discovered why they had been somewhat evasive with each other since sharing a bed – and a kiss – in the Halfway House earlier in the week.

“You’re just cool, aren’t you? You don’t play the game, you don’t get involved,” said Amy, accusing him of being the kind of guy who ‘messed with a lady’s head’.

“I like the chase,” Liam admitted, while Amy confessed that she was the kind to give up easily. “I get defensive. I end up looking stupid,” she told him.

“That’s what you’re worried about looking like a loser on telly?” Liam asked. “In all fairness, you said you liked me.”

And it’s becoming obvious to the other housemates that they do, with Gerry pointing out that they ‘flirt all day’. Amy denied ever saying she liked Liam, but he quickly put her straight.

“It’s like I said the other day, a beautiful lass comes in… any lad is going to be how I was like,” Liam said of his behaviour.

“There isn’t any love romance going on, you’re just a bit of female company, just some skin getting touched,” he pointed out.”

Charming. Not that it stopped them from having a snog before bedtime…

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