Big Brother: Liam sent to halfway house

Liam has become the latest Big Brother contestant to join the halfway house, after Shanessa became a fully-fledged housemate.

The 27-year-old joined the main house after winning the Jack In The Box task set to the halfway housemates on Tuesday evening.

She was told that as a result, she had to choose one person to leave the main house and join the halfway house – and she wasn’t happy.

“Oh no,” she said, “don’t do this to me. I love everybody here, they’ve been so nice to me.”

Ultimately, though, it didn’t take her long to decide. “Liam… he was nice to me and all that, but we didn’t gel. He’s a lovely man and Amy really really likes him, and apparently he likes Amy, and Ziggy’s really fond of Liam.”

Unbeknown to Shanessa, the housemates had watched her make her decision on the plasma screen – and Liam was quick to reassure when she came into the main house and guiltily told him they had to talk.

“It’s not because of anything bad,” Shanessa assured him, but Liam didn’t seem too bothered by the decision.

“Amy really likes you,” she added. “It’ll make her day when she sees you!”

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