Liam celebrated his birthday in the Big Brother house on Friday night – with the living area being turned into a ‘pub’ specially for the occasion.

The 23-year-old was supplied with alcohol, cigarettes, music, snacks, and even a pool table – and he was thrilled.

“It was just what I wanted,” he told Big Brother. “It’s funny, it seems like only yesterday I was 22.”

And he revealed his plans for the year ahead. “This year I’m going to turn over a new leaf and become mature,” he said. “No, probably not.”

Earlier in the day Liam had celebrated his birthday by co-hosting the Big Brother podcast with Sam.

And he received a card made by Carole, who also made him a birthday gift – a plant from the living area decorated with trinkets which, according to the housemates, summed up his personality.

You can see images from Liam’s party in our photo gallery.

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