Big Brother: Liam’s lustful outfit

The remaining Big Brother housemates involved in the Seven Deadly Sins task have been receiving their challenges – and there was a surprise for Liam.

The 22-year-old, who was voted the most Lustful housemate by Carole, was called to the Diary Room on Tuesday afternoon, where he was presented with a special ‘Lust Outfit’ – which included leather hotpants, waistcoat and a string vest.

“So I’ve got to wear this?” he said in disbelief. “Well thank you, very much, Big Brother.”

And he appeared a tad disappointed as he changed into his outfit.

“There was a little bit of speculation as to what me task might be,” he told Big Brother.

“Some of the ideas floating around were along the lines of being in the Caravan of Love with a beautiful woman, but no – I’ve got to wear leather hotpants. Where do you get these things?”

“Big Brother will reveal all in due course with regard to your task,” he was told. “Knock ’em dead.”

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