Big Brother: Liam’s twin love?

Rumours of yet another Big Brother romance – this time between Liam and Sam – have been quashed by the pair themselves.

During a late-night chat in the early hours of Thursday morning, Sam pointed the finger of blame at Carole, saying she had started speculation that love was blossoming between the two. However, Liam suggested that she just wanted a bit of a gossip.

“In general, lads kind of knock about with lads and lasses knock around with lasses, but I took to you almost straight away,” Liam confessed. “But I consider you pals the same as I consider Ziggy and Brian really.”

Sam, meanwhile, admitted there was a kind of logic to what Carole had said.

“I think when any other girl comes in and they get on with you they expect you to flirt with them,” she explained, “’cause Brian likes Amanda, Ziggy’s kind of taken and Jonty… well is a bit older.”

“But I swear right, if she makes one more comment, I will go mad, go mad, go mad – I would be like ‘what is this?'” Sam added. “I will, I promise I will.”

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