Big Brother: Luke and Bex get it on!

After weeks of will they, won’t they, Big Brother housemates Rebecca and Luke have sealed their relationship with a kiss.

After a night of heavy drinking, the pair ended up in bed together where nursery nurse Bex – who faces eviction from the house on Friday night – took the opportunity to pounce on the wannabe MP.

Under the duvet, busty Bex told Luke: “You want to kiss me.”

After Luke pushed her away for being drunk, Bex teased: “You still wanna kiss me. I dare you to kiss me.”

With that, Luke appeared to have an immediate change of heart and moved in to kiss Bex, which turned into a full-blown snog.

But cynical Lisa wasn’t convinced that this was the start of a beautiful relationship and told Mario she thought there was a clear eviction-related reason why the two were getting it on.

Luke emerged from the luxury bedroom to be interrogated by Stu. “Have you had a kiss?” Stu asked.

A bashful Luke replied: “Rebecca is very drunk. I’d never take advantage of a drunk woman. It may be Rebecca’s last night and I’m all for comforting a woman on her last night and that is how I chose to do it.”

Either Rebecca or Mario will be evicted by the public vote on Friday night.