Luke has become the seventh person to be evicted from Big Brother 9 after losing out to seven of his fellow housemates in the public vote.

The 20-year-old student received 37 per cent of the vote in an eviction show which took on a slightly different format.

Instead of simply revealing the name of the evicted housemate at the end, Davina talked to the house throughout the hour-long show, eliminating housemates who had survived the public vote two at a time until there were only two remaining.

Mohamed and Rachael were the first to be told they had survived, followed by Darnell and Stuart.

Finally, Kathreya and Dale received the news that they would be staying, leaving just Luke and Rex to fight it out.

However, by this time Luke was convinced that he was for the chop. “I think I’m going,” he told Dale just before the result was announced. “They’ve done this on percentages, definitely.”

And when the news came, he reacted calmly – although Rex was less keen, appearing gutted that he had once again survived eviction.

“Sorry Rex,” Luke told him. “They got rid of Rebecca, they were always gonna get rid of me.”

Afterwards – having exited the house to one of the more positive reactions of the series – Luke told Davina he was not surprised to have been evicted.

“I knew once the public had got rid of Rebecca I was next, definitely,” he said.

And he admitted that he had been depressed since Bex left the house last week – and that he did have feelings for the former housemate.

“When Rebecca went it was like losing a limb,” he revealed, “and that night she kissed Mohamed I was livid, I’ve never felt that kind of emotion before.”

“I said in the audition process the kind of person I would hate most in the house would be a woman who is loud and obnoxious, who drinks, smokes and swears.”

She said she would hate someone into politicking – whatever that is,” he quipped, “and who doesn’t drink, smoke or swear.”

“I got Rebecca, she got me, we were supposed to hate each other and I found my best friend in that house. I didn’t think I would fancy someone like Rebecca – and I’d like to think she fancies me.”

And he described his time in the Big Brother house as “an inexplainable experience.”

“It was probably one of the best times of my life,” he concluded.