Luke suspected that five new people were going to enter the Big Brother house after some chairs had mysteriously been moved during the night.

Housemates woke up to find that five of the dining chairs had been lined up against the wall by the Diary Room door.

Upon seeing the chairs, Luke told Mario and Mikey: “Those five chairs represent five new housemates. It’s a clue.

He added: “Dale and Jen both said at 4.30am those chairs weren’t there. Dennis said he came in here at 6.30am and the chairs were there, so somebody between those times has put the chairs there.”

Luke then decided that the chairs did not signify arrivals – but departures, adding: “Unless it’s a sign that there’s gonna be a mass eviction.”

But it appears that Luke’s not the only one who’s coming over all paranoid. The housemates frequently suspect secret tasks and hold discussions about what Big Brother’s black and red shattered eye logo means.

Losing the plot the most seems to be Darnell, who began to tear the silver lining off the table, thinking he’d discovered a secret message.

He was promptly told by Big Brother that housemates must not “tamper with the fixtures and fittings”.

Luke said: “Darnell’s paranoia has reached a new level.”