Big Brother: Marathon task for Laura

Laura has become the last Big Brother housemate to take part in the Seven Deadly Sins task – by running a marathon.

The Welsh nanny, who was voted the most Slothful housemate by Carole, had to try and absolve herself of her ways by completing 400 laps – or five miles – around a specially constructed racetrack.

She was given five hours to complete the task, and was allowed to either walk or run – but had to wear the clothes and ‘slothful slippers’ supplied by Big Brother.

Initially Laura was none too keen on the task. “Did you know I’d hurt my knee?” she told Big Brother. “I’ll try my best, but I hurt my knee last night. I can’t walk but I’ll try my best for the group.”

However, she was spurred on by encouragement from her fellow housemates, and completed the challenge in just over two hours.

The housemates will find out later this week if they have passed the task – and won themselves a luxury shopping budget.

You can see the housemates attemting the task in our photo gallery.

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