Big Brother: Marcus wins strong man task

Marcus has won the Big Brother housemates some booze after managing to rip a telephone directory in half.

The 35-year-old window fitter was given the task by Big Brother after being named by his fellow contestants as the ‘strongest housemate’.

Freddie, now known as Halfwit, was hailed the ‘most intelligent housemate’ so was given a general knowledge question to answer.

Luckily the wannabe politician knew that the answer to the question: ‘Which philosopher famously said, I think therefore I am?’ was Descartes, so he won the house some cake.

The group decided Russian musician Angel, 35, was the ‘most musical housemate’ but she failed in her challenge to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the keyboard, so the house had to go without the sweets offered as the prize.

Meanwhile, Lisa – who was named the ‘most patient housemate’ – was told to sit in the garden until further notice.

The 41-year-old Brummie sat it out for more than two hours while the others enjoyed the cake and the booze, but she was eventually rewarded by Big Brother by being called into the Diary Room and given sweets to feast on.

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