Big Brother: Mario and Lisa reunited!

Big Brother 9‘s newest evictee Lisa has been reunited with her fiance and fellow housemate Mario , after leaving the house on Friday evening.

The 40-year-old – who left the house to one of the most enthusiastic receptions of the series, with the crowd cheering and waving wedding-themed balloons – was brought together with Mario at the end of her eviction interview, after several weeks apart.

The two were reunited briefly earlier in the week when he appeared in the garden of the Big Brother house to propose to Lisa – and she admitted the past week had been an exciting one.

“I’m not quite here really,” she told Davina, “I’m on cloud nine at the minute. And the reception from the crowd was beautiful – to have a reception like that means the world.”

She added that the actual moment of the proposal was “weird” – particularly since she had been talking about Mario at the time.

“It was a total shock, because we weren’t expecting it,” she said. “I was talking about how I met Mario and then someone said ‘he’s in the garden!'” It happens a lot in the house, you can sense things that are happening.

“It was so romantic, like a movie. It was wonderful, worth waiting for.”

As well as the proposal, Lisa also walked away from the house £25,000 richer after a game with fellow nominee Sara in which they had to decide between them whether or not to share a £50,000 cash prize.

“I couldn’t believe it was happening,” she admitted, “I thought there would be a twist. But I would always have shared. I couldn’t do that to someone, I couldn’t live with it.”

I think Rex, Darnell and Mohamed would have taken the money though. I think they’re gamblers, they’re risk takers and it shows in the way they grab the food and drink in the house.”

Seven housemates – Darnell, Rex, Rachel, Mohamed, Mikey, Sara and Kathreya – now remain in the house, with viewers voting for who they want to win in next Friday’s final.

The two with the least number of votes will be booted out in a live double eviction show on Tuesday night.