Big Brother: Mario wins housemate status!

Big Brother ‘mole’ Mario has officially become a fully-fledged housemate after successfully completing the impossible task he was set.

The 28-year-old entered the house after being chosen at random on Wednesday’s launch show.

However he was told he would have to avoid being detected as a mole by the others despite wearing a mole costume and living in a ‘mole hole’ in the house.

Since then he was ordered to play a selection of pranks on the housemates – including filling the swimming pool with vegetables and other items of food – and faced eviction if they guessed he was responsible.

On Saturday after completing his final mission for Big Brother, the housemates were told to line up in front of a height chart in the garden and informed a mole was living among them.

However when asked to identify who the mole was, just two housemates – Corin and Ife – correctly chose Mario.

Govan received one vote, Steve and Ben each received one vote and the remaining eight housemates were convinced Sunshine was the mole.

Afterwards Mario said he was “relieved” the task was over and he was allowed to stay – but fellow housemate Sunshine wasn’t quite so happy after the majority suspected her of being the mole, and tearfully confessed to the others she had been “terrified” when so many voted for her.

Mario has already become popular with viewers, with bookies making him the second favourite to win behind ex-squaddie Steve.

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