Big Brother: Meet the halfway housemates!

Five new people have entered the ‘halfway house’ adjacent to the main Big Brother house – in the hope of becoming fully-fledged housemates.

The five went into the house – which features a dormitory and basic facilities – on Friday evening, shortly after Charley’s eviction.

Over the next few days, they will each have the opportunity to spend time with the housemates in the main house – who will then choose two of them to become fully-fledged housemates on Monday.

Unbeknown to the housemates however, a twist will accompany the newcomers – although details have yet to be revealed.

The first ‘halfway housemate’ to be introduced was Amy, a 21-year-old glamour model from Lincolnshire, who describes herself as “open-minded” and “reasonably well educated by government standards”.

She was followed by Jonty, a museum visitor assistant from London who has a passion for history and teddy bears, speaks several languages including Cornish and Albanian and is a Doctor Who fanatic.

“I suppose the fact that I’m heading towards middle age and I still mess around with teddy bears is unusual,” said the 36-year-old – who also admitted to being a virgin.

The next to be introduced was 27-year-old Shanessa, a part-time care worker from Cardiff, who turned heads by entering the halfway house in a revealing bright pink dress. The mum of one describes herself as a “nutter” and “really friendly and flirtatious”.

Following her was David, a high street store manager from Ayr in Scotland. The 25-year-old – who wore a kilt and black eye make-up on his journey into the house – is a Pagan and practises witchcraft. “But I don’t tell people I’m a witch just for entertainment value,” he pointed out.

The final halfway housemate was Kara-Louise, a 22-year-old student from Harrow in Middlesex who said there was nothing worse than being “normal and boring”. “I grin at everything” she said.

Shortly after their arrival, David was chosen as the first halfway housemate to spend time with the group in the main house.

You can see the new arrivals in our photo gallery

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