Big Brother 9 housemate Mikey has become the latest head of house, after the hellish side of the house triumphed in a cake-baking contest.

On Saturday both sides were set the Bake London challenge, in which they had to whip up two cakes based on landmarks in the capital.

The heavenly housemates had to recreate St Paul’s Cathedral in cake form, while the hellish side were given the task of baking a Millennium Dome cake.

Outgoing head of house Rachel judged the hell side’s cake to be the winner – leaving its occupants Kat, Mikey and Nicole to decide which of them should be the new head.

Following some debate, the crown went to Mikey, as Kat was taken ill during the task and he decided that Nicole had not been in the house long enough to become its head.

“You’ve only been here a week. We can talk about it but it comes down to length of service and the fact Kat is unwell so she doesn’t want to do it. It’s got to be me.”

He went on to promise that both Nicole and Rex would be reunited in Heaven and Kat would be sent to the heavenly side too – however Big Brother had other ideas.

Having summoned Mikey to the Diary Room they made it clear that the hellish housemates would be going to heaven and the heavenly housemates would be bound for hell – leaving Rex and Nicole apart once again.

The pair will be reunited, however, when the barriers are brought down over the weekend.

Meanwhile Mikey has overtaken Kathreya as the new favourite to win the series.

According to bookmakers Paddy Power, the blind housemate has odds of 15-8 to be victorious, with Kat now second favourite at 10-3.

Mohamed and Nicole, at 40-1 and 80-1, are the outsiders.