Big Brother: missing you already

The Big Brother housemates have been discussing the double eviction which brought Shanessa and David’s short-lived stay in the house to an end.

The pair were given their marching orders from the house on Friday night – in the first joint eviction of the series – after being voted out by the public.

While the others were sorry to see them go, they agreed that this week’s eviction was not as difficult as usual due to the short amount of time the pair had been housemates.

However the general consensus was that Shanessa might have stayed longer had she not been so outspoken.

“She probably should’ve held back on some things,” Liam told the others on Friday night. “But she handled the eviction well, and best of luck to her.”

Liam added that David had “come on a bit strong. It’s maybe lucky for them that they did go now and there’s no hard feelings,” he suggested.

“I thought David would stay, but maybe people found him intimidating,” Gerry said.

Kara-Louise and Tracey, who survived eviction, congratulated each other as they became fully-fledged housemates once more. “I was ready to leave,” said Kara-Louise, who reacted with shock when the names of the evictees were announced.

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