Big Brother: Mixed feelings from evictees

Big Brother‘s latest evictees David and Shanessa have had some kind words for their fellow housemates – but are less keen on others.

The pair – who somehow achieved enough during their short stay in the house to be booed upon their exit – spoke highly of Carole, Brian and others, but told Davina McCall they had little time for fellow Halfway Housemate Amy.

“She’s playing a game,” David said, “I think she’s watched it, and she knows what she’s doing. It’s a gameshow and she’s there to win a game – and she’s doing it better than me.”

Shanessa, however, was kinder to Amy, whom she had a row with after accusing her of being responsible for their return to the Halfway House.

“I said she had to do what she had to do,” she told Davina. “She said ‘you’ve been yourself all the way through, you’ve never pretended for the camera’, so at least I can think now no matter what anyone thought of me at least I was myself.”

And the pair – both of whom said they would like to see series favourite Brian win – also expressed their disappointment at being out of the house so soon.

“We’d only just got there,” David said. “I never expected to win it, coming in midway through the series, but I did expect to at least spend a couple of weeks there.”

“The nominations broke my heart,” Shanessa added, although admitted she had enjoyed her brief stay with Big Brother.

“It was just brilliant,” she said. “I had a few boos but I met loads of different people and different personalities. We all got on really well.”

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