New Big Brother arrival Stuart has spent his first night in the house – and received a mixed reception from the others.

Jennifer, Sylvia and Lisa were among those who were delighted to see the 25-year-old, and warmly welcomed him when he made his sudden appearance in the house on Friday night.

However Dale looked less than pleased to see him, while Rex wasted no time questioning the new boy, asking him whether he had received a “good reaction” from the crowd.

“Yeah, pretty good to be fair,” Stuart admitted. “I thought I’d be hated.”

But Rex challenged him. “There’s no crowd outside, there never was,” he said – apparently oblivious to the masses that had cheered Stuart on his way into the house.

“It was completely silent outside,” he added. “After an eviction they put the crowd noise on to let the real crowd go home. They’re not playing that.

Stuart quickly pointed out there had been a crowd – while other housemates were left pondering his arrival.

“He knew my name and called me Bex,” Rebecca pointed out to the others. “How can he know that? Maybe he’s someone’s ex.”

Meanwhile, a show source revealed to The Sun that they are hoping for romantic sparks to fly between Stuart and Jennifer.

“Jennifer’s been getting close to Dale recently,” the insider said, “but we’re planning to put the cat among the pigeons with Stuart.”

“Like her, he’s a parent and they both are good-looking people so we expect sparks to fly. Obviously Dale will be quite protective so it should be great telly.”