The Big Brother housemates have had a mixed response to the three new arrivals who beamed into the house by ‘spaceship’ on Friday night.

Travel agency manager Keeley, cabin crew worker Rachel and Oxford maths student Andrew all arrived in a customised craft which landed in the garden of the house, shortly after Nathan had become the fourth evictee of the series.

And while Andrew and Rachel appear to have been popular, 30-year-old Keeley has already ruffled a few feathers, with John James particularly vocal about his feelings for the newcomer.

The Australian spent the morning mimicking her, saying, “I’m a bit scared ’cause she’s small and she’s bossy.”

Meanwhile Josie – who has grown close to John James – told him on Saturday morning, “If you run off with Keeley I won’t be hurt.”

“Who would want a scarecrow now that you’ve got a Barbie?” she added.

However John James assured her that would not happen – and he told Dave that Keeley would be in trouble if she did try to order him about.

“If she can’t hack it, then she will be getting the jacket,” he said. “I’m not having anyone who’s been in here five minutes giving me the rock bottom and telling me how it is. Because I will let her know how it goes.”