Big Brother: Model housemates?

The Big Brother housemates have been strutting their stuff after being given the task of transforming themselves into catwalk models.

The task saw the self-appointed “most judgmental housemates” becoming judges for the task and appointing team leaders, who in turn had to choose their own teams of models.

The judges – in this case, Carole and Brian – then had to comment on their efforts.

Gerry and Liam were among the first housemates to take to the catwalk in their new fashionable threads – and received a mixed response.

Carole said his modelling stance was “all about me, me, me, rather than the clothing. And I rather felt you tried to take the limelight.”

“Of course I was,” Gerry pointed out, “it’s a catwalk!”

Brian was similarly unimpressed. “You walked down the catwalk like a drunken seal,” he told his fellow housemate.

How will the others fare? All will be revealed in due course…

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