Big Brother: Models’ boozy reward

The Big Brother housemates were treated to a hamper of alcohol on Thursday night after successfully completing their modelling task.

Team Sam and Amanda – whose line-up included Amy, Gerry and Kara-Louise – were crowned winners of the task, and summoned to the Diary Room after strutting their stuff on the catwalk, where Big Brother broke the good news.

“Congratulations,” they were told, “you are the most model housemates.” They were subsequently given their prize, which they were told they were allowed to share with the others.

But Amanda had one thing on her mind. “Do we get to keep the outfits?” she asked.

“Nobody ever looked so good wearing so little,” added Gerry.

Fortunately for them Big Brother was feeling generous.

“As you took such a long time creating your collection,” they were told, “you may keep your pieces.”

The task saw the house divide into two teams, who then designed and modelled their ‘collection’ of clothes as well as taking part in a photo shoot. Carole and Brian acted as judges.

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